LIVE in 2017 !

Stay tuned

Q1 - 2017

Mixed Reality - VR - Training bootcamp (Unity, WebVR, Unreal)

Corporate Intro to mixed reality (including VR & AR) trainings

Hackathons, game jams, Challenges (we are a community first !)

Lab with all the latest VR-AR equipment currently on the market

Co-working ( in collaboration with the most-fitted philosophy co-working organisation in Belgium)


Q2 - 2017

UPreality Accelerator - for projects, start-ups & talents who are entrepreneurs eager to build up the next AR/VR success.


-> All you need in order to create your mixed reality startup in a 2000 sqm building dedicated to the biggest Belgian tech communities - no more excuses! A total bottom-up approach for entrepreneurs & tech passionates who want to share, test & build in a trustworthy atmosphere.


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